MAGIC Poster wins Award at UKSF 2018

The Health and Social Care Board’s Co-ordinator of the Northern Ireland Stroke Network, Emer Hopkins, received a prestigious award at an international Stroke Conference in Telford on the 5th of December 2018.

The award winning project was the EU funded Horizon 2020 MAGIC project. Mobile Assistance for Groups and Communities in Stroke.

The award recognised exceptional efforts to co-design innovative technologies that would empower people to recover from stroke after leaving hospital. Since 2015 independent companies have been working with stroke survivors in Italy and in Northern Ireland to design state of the art rehabilitation devices that can realistically be deployed

This project has been designed to address the issues of growing service demands for intense rehabilitation programmes, limited resources and a need to find clinically effective and cost effective service models to deliver the required therapy standards.

In total 8 companies received funding to work with clinical teams and stroke patients to design new technologies. In October 2018 the third phase of the project launched seeing three companies winning bids to run trails. Three trails have now commenced testing virtual reality mirror therapy and wearable motion sensor technology used along-side tablet based coaches. This will test the solutions at scale in the five Trusts Community Stroke Teams.

Emer who has a background as a qualified Neurological physiotherapist said, “ I am really delighted to receive this award which recognised the involvement of stroke survivors and clinicians in service development and research in the MAGIC Project. This project has significant potential to change the way we deliver rehabilitation programmes after stroke and it could benefit a great many stroke patients in Northern Ireland by enhancing their recovery”.

She hopes that through this project we will learn to what extent innovative technologies are accepted and adopted by patients and clinicians,  how co-designed technology can assist in service transformation, and if it can assist us to meet growing demands within limited resources .


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