“Hello everyone,  bienvenue, guten tag, ciao


A little bit about myself, my name is Helen, I am a wife, a mum to 3 teens and a tween, a daughter, a sibling – eldest of 5, a cousin – loads, an auntie, a park runner, a book lover, a swimmer, a dancer, a gardener, a cook, a youth leader, a Christian, an aspiring primary school teacher.

All of that changed in a single moment – I totally lost my identity on 14 Nov 2015 – day after Paris atrocity when I had a stroke.

I ashamedly knew nothing about stroke.  I thought it happened to the older generation and that the impact was purely physical.What does a  stroke survivor look like?   Do I look like a disabled stroke survivor?

Initially I lost all use of my right side, as well as upper peripheral vision and my speech was affected.  I have been very fortunate to regain mobility with much physio input right from the hospital ward to stroke  services and currently via GP referral

At present I go swimming and tandem cycling & walking with a wonderfully encouraging husband.  To any outsider everything looks great – my progress is fantastic!
What does my stroke look like?  Mine is an invisible disability and I am very fortunate to have recovered so much in that I now look ‘normal’.   I am also a very good actor…”

Click here to view Helen’s video from ‘Meet the Supplier’ event in April 2017